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A Game-Changing Solution for the Automotive Industry

Tue, 20 April, 2021

The TACOMA Project promises to develop a game changing solution for the automotive industry as it increases the use of carbon fibre reinforced polymer parts as an aid to light-weighting.

While it is already possible to spot defects in composite parts using different non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques, the speed of inspection is still a limiting factor, especially for high-volume production environments. An additional problem is that many of the existing NDT techniques are only capable of locating certain defects.

This project aims to solve these issues by delivering a unique rapid X-ray detection system complete with imaging software that is suitable for high-volume, high-speed automotive manufacturing applications.

The project consortium brings together the necessary knowledge and experience to create this innovative system by achieving a series of project milestones to progress the technology.

Ideal for the UK, U.S. and European automotive markets, the systems under development have already seen the project receive funding from Innovate UK.

The manufacturing benefits of this project will be seen through the increased productivity and subsequent economic impact that it can deliver for the automotive industry. Putting this into time-frames, the TACOMA Project aims to reduce inspection times from over 30 minutes to less than 1 minute.

However, this is not the only ‘game changing’ impact from the TACOMA Project, as the increased ability of industry to use CFRP parts for lighter vehicles will also directly help meet emissions targets around the world, helping the environment at the same time.