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The Environmental Benefits of the TACOMA Project

Wed, 21 April, 2021

The benefits of the TACOMA Project for the automotive industry have already been discussed (see, ‘A Game-Changing Solution for the Automotive Industry’), but the environmental benefits for wider society cannot be underestimated either.

With governments pledging to reduce emissions, including the UK Government’s 2050 ‘Net Zero’ target, the TACOMA Project will aid clean growth for the automotive industry and help meet these environmental goals.

Of course, a reduction in automotive emissions alone will not solve the global climate crisis, but they can certainly help. By enabling the use of light-weighting materials and the subsequent carbon reductions they afford.

With less weight, less fuel is required to drive the vehicle, leading to financial benefits for motorists, while light-weighting also has positive effects for electric vehicle ranges too. Increased ranges for electric vehicles also means less recharging is required, reducing energy use and the environmental impact further. 

Plus, these benefits may not just be felt by the automotive industry as, once developed, there is the possibility of rolling out the environmentally beneficial technology to other industries too, including aerospace, wind energy, rail, and more.